Jazz in Silhouette, by Sun Ra and His Arkestra was recorded on March 6, 1959 and released in May of the same year. The album is considered to be one of Ra’s best from his Chicago period before veering off into ‘their full-fledged explorations into the avant-garde’ that characterises their New York recordings of the 1960s…..
”Jazz in Silhouette stands as an overlooked masterpiece, a work that shows Ra not as a mere curiosity or backwater galaxy, but as a major creative force in the jazz universe, a center of gravity around which many of jazz’s major developments have orbited.This album simply inspires, no matter what perspective you adopt: rhythm, melody, ensemble or mood….Jazz in Silhouette shows Ra doing what he did like few others: looking at the past, present and future simultaneously while maintaining a unified musical direction….”

**Remastered original 1950s recordings

**Complete as originally released in the simple silk-screened cover by HP Corbissero…

**A must for all Sun Ra fans….and fans of this crossroads in jazz..